About Claever


Claever’s founders, Olivier Claesens and Lieve Vermeulen, can fall back on experience that is both extensive and varied.


Olivier Claesens has worked in the business for 27 years: before starting his own business and launching a new series of successful consumer and trade fairs, he was in charge of an industrial trade fair group and later served as Business Development Manager for another trade fair organiser.

At some point he was bitten by the ‘organisation bug’. As if setting up trade fairs were not enough, he also takes part in numerous other initiatives: staff member for the Eel Festival and for Fish and Folklore in Mariekerke, sag wagon driver for the long-distance Dodentocht (Death March), etc.




Lieve Vermeulen concentrates primarily on the ‘human side’ of an event. Based on her expertise in MBTI - an increasingly recognised tool for measuring personal intuition and promoting self-development - she founded a European Networking Association for trainers/coaches. Every 2 years the Claever Team takes care of their Congress organized each time in a different European capital. Brussels, Berlin, Copenhagen , Paris, London arrived turn. Amsterdam is the next in the series.


“Everything you can imagine is real.” This quote from Pablo Picasso says so much about the undaunted approach Lieve takes to her work as chairperson and to the projects she supports.


Weertstraat 66,

B-2280 Mariekerke (Bornem)

Tel: 0032 (0)3 296 59 17